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By ak_powder_monkey
So I went ahead and started a guiding business.

My program is targeted at people who are in Anchorage for a few hours, or have an evening they can go fishing, but don't have time to go down to the kenai. I have float tubes and access to a fleet of rental waders, a drift boat I can launch into a few lakes, and a bunch of glass rods. Should be fun and keep me busy in the summer.

Far be it to ask anyone on this board to pay for a guided fishing trip I have an offer for any Drakians who are headed north, come fish with me! If you don't pay me we can go where ever we want without permitting hassles! I just hope you tell your friends and friends of friends!

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By austrotard
hey look, pat-rick... your first twat.

dearest bollock humming midget,

nothing's changed since '13, fuckface.
piss off.

ps. that rod reel combo is a piece of shit (fit for a piece of shit).
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By Bruiser
Next time instead of drinking beer we can go fish :cool

I can make it all the way to Bethel in one day now.

Here's to your success AKPM :cool
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By Hogleg
Does this include lunch at the Great Alaskan Bush Company?
By BobLoblaw
Make some bonus cash selling the photos you take of your clients, dude; you're decent with a camera, after all... :cool
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By -G-
Hogleg wrote: Mon May 22, 2017 6:22 pm Does this include lunch at the Great Alaskan Bush Company?
One of the guys I worked with had his entire summer cash earinings in his pocket and blew it all in one night there. Had to call our boss to drive him to the air port from where he woke up because he couldn't even afford a cab.
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By Hogleg
Good for him. I'm sure it was worth every last penny.
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By Bruiser
Just say "Bobby" White sent you for the VIP treatment. ;-)
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