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By LA Fly Guy
SLSS wrote: Wed May 30, 2018 12:48 am That is one fine and handsome pup. The rest is good, too, just not as good as the pup. :cool
This ^

By chadroc
really nice. those rooster tail debris make for good kindling. well done. i'd like to see that lovely valley.
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By stripstrike
Bravo! :cool
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By vaku
jesus, is that what fishing is like? I've forgot....

That was a lot of fun to read and look at. Nice god.
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By -G-
Yup, this tread is great. That place looks like a very relaxing second home of yours
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By Mad_Mike
this was nice.. thank you for taking the time to put it up.
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By austrotard
at one point some here were described as being the salt of the earth.

I feel okay about the new guard.
though josh prolly has problis with it.

fuck youse guys.
By BobLoblaw
"unusually normal"
Oxymoron much?

Good stuff, dude; kewl mutt!
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By austrotard
where he comes from ltfi stands for never went to school.
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By NeedmoreDEET
Not sure how I missed the first part of this. Pretty cool stuff - and great dog!
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