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By CarelessEthiopian
What kind of fish do you think this is? I know what it is, just want to see if you do. The guy that sent me the pic thought it was a shad.

IMG_0649.JPG (761.6 KiB) Viewed 1901 times

I do have a better pic but you won't see it because the photo uploader here fucking sucks.
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By austrotard
sandaflippa, mate.
you can tell by the pouch. oh, and they're like fucking deadly poisonous or some shit.

what do I win?
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By D-nymph
Sandwich Cod
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By Redchaser
It's either a taimen or a chupacabra
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By Bobwhite
Very nice shad, there, CE...

Who're you calling a mormon?
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By jessnuts
Char of some sort, methinks. Where was it caught? Searun?
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By Da Ax
Looks like a mutant guppy...did you catch this downstream of the Dow Chemical plant?
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By Spicytuna
The Ol' Black Nosed Dace

That is a state record no matter where you are.

Hope he get's the fame he deserves
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By CarelessEthiopian
Some really great guesses, but you guys suck at fish ID.

This fish was caught in a stocked pond in Colorado at 9000' that is connected to the natural watershed. Known invasives include spearfish and hagfish.

:smile :smile :smile

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