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[quote=austrotard post_id=677317 time=1496188690 user_id=18901]


fuck, error, maybe a Dolphenwulff?

Same Genus Weenus.
By Palometa
looks Bull-ish, for the win.....
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By Obie
...the return of the yellowfin...
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Palometa - What these fags don't realize is, they're dealing with the next Hemingway, the next Hendrix, the next Hawking.


CE - way to throw it into the grass(and pretend it was "sent" to you", nice form. He who smelt it dealt it.

Shit, Willi beat me to it. He is the Hawking of the Drake.
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By The Wandering Blues
That's from the aqauarium at Bass Pro. You can see the reflection of CE's White River Fly Shop Trucker ball cap on the feesh.
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By fallen513
Boo trat bwoi.

It's Wednesday, you dolt.

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