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By fallen513
what happened to this place
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By McH
Thank you for that. :cool
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By Hogleg
Well the fellas covered all the bases for the most part. I don't have much to add except that it was a damn good time and I can't wait to get back down there and do it again whenever I can. No way I'm trying to follow the written word of AJ and the lens work of EJ in a TR but they're damn good folks to have around on a fishing trip as you might imagine.

My only regret was eating that salad with the E. Coli dressing.

Oh, and blowing all those shots on Roosters.

Next time...
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By Mad_Mike
This was a damn fine Recounting if I ever saw one.... well done fellas... and just for the record I do own one of those smart phones, but I must have had the ringer on silent, seeing as I never got my invite..
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By Bruiser
Awesome. It's a great place and Hogleg is an excellent host. :cool
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By TX.
Average Joe wrote: Fri Jun 02, 2017 5:03 pm

Ephemeral fished harder than any of us. If we weren't seeing fish, he'd start blind-casting and walking the beach.

He also caught more fish than the rest of us combined.

...and obviously took more pictures.
By Truchero

Double wow.

What a trip...

:cool :cool :cool
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By Nevs
I was there for my Honeymoon last year. This looks very enjoyable.
Though I didn't do any rooster fishing, I spent too much time drunk by the pool and playing volleyball on the beach. I did convince my wife to take a fishing trip though, 6 beers before 9 am, a whale breaching 50 yards from our panga and our guide standing on the bow with 1 foot up like captain morgan pissing into the wind we did catch a few fish.
Damn.. I want to go back.
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By yard4sale
Somebody please remember to bump this in, oh, say, February. Yeah, that would be nice.

Great stuff gents, thanks for the ride.
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