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By austrotard
it's raining
it seems it's always fucking raining
I'm stuck indoors
as getting wet gives me a rash down my ass cheeks
this is a streak of piss
no, that's rain as well
koala (bears) swim over cliffs
suicide and black roses
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By Bruiser
It took me this long
To figure this one thing out
You guys don't count well
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By austrotard
take me back to dear old blighty,
put me on the train for london town.
take me over there,
drop me anywhere.
birmingham, leeds or manchester,
well I don't care.
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By kish
There once was a man
from the island Nantucket
who preferred Haiku
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By ncguy
I can't fish for shit
But on Face Book I am huge
Mitch has killed the Drake
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By Ajax
Bolt ons, no hair pie
Mother calls her a cheap whore
I call her sister
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By K_P
kish wrote: Sat Jul 29, 2017 10:29 pm There once was a man
from the island Nantucket
who preferred Haiku

Pay attention, beshes, and learn from this man.
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By Redchaser
Eyes Bad, Nothing Clear
My world looks like a photo
By S.O.B.F.
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By BigTimber
wife's nagging about locale
the oil industry is fucked
comfort's are handcuffs
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By kish
Jesus effing Christ
This ain't rocket surgery
five, seven, then five
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