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Big Guy,
I'm 2 years a 2 weeks behind you. I appreciate your putting into words where we've been and where we still have to go. I like how fishing has changed for me. I no longer get up at the ass crack of dawn to be the first on the water and get the maximum fishing time. On the other hand I do still get out early and get as much pleasure from the fishing as ever. Its a bit less strenuous and a whole lot more zen. I've come to appreciate fishing more and catching has become much less important. It is about cherishing every moment when you are out with a line in your hand. Its also about savoring those moments because I can see off in the distance a time when getting out will be harder, difficult wades being passed over when before it was gun-it-and-go.

Truth be told, I think I have dropped much of the unessential parts of fishing, like that great new rod or reel, the new waders etc. and just enjoy what I have while I have it.

It is these youngun's that keep us on our toes, give us a chance to try things we never thought of and also a chance to show 'em how its done. If you are ever in my neighborhood, stop by and we can go kick the can down the road a bit.

I remember those words well from when we went out to dinner, I'm going to try to live them as well as you have. :cool
Happy birthday.
Happy bday, Bigguy. Nice perspective.
My dest brother and I are trying to squeeze as much water time out of my Dad as possible. He's 79 and not in the best of shape though. A window into your own mortality as it were. If I take care of myself I hope to fish well into my 80's...and still enjoy midget strippers.
To which Mahan replied, " the sweet bird of youth was sittin' on my shoulder yesterday, but she's always changing partners and I always new she'd up and fly away."
I am ten years behind and I could not have said it better than your post. I hope / plan to still have the ability to still be fishing when I get there.

Happy Birthday
Holy shit, I was thinking Bob White and I were the old guard. Turns out we're just the getting old guard.

Well done, Jeff. I hope Montana is as peaceful as your thoughts above.

Happy birthday.
I'm three years behind you next month. I have a great love and appreciation for boo, last week had a bad fall down riprap, came to rest trying to figure if I'd broken something serious, my rod underneath me, guy I was with seemed at first to think there was no way I couldn't have broken my back or something else, some how fine but my first conscious thoughts were more is the rod ok. It was, where a graphite or glass rod would have shattered. Sometimes priorities are skewed.

Remember when looking into rear mirrors the warning that things are closer than they appear.
I came to the Drake out of a curiosity about the 'new age' of you youngster fly fishers and discovered you're a hell of a lot more fun than those stuffy old geezers!

Ain't that the truth.

Jeff I ain't all that far behind you; here is to us older folk still doing it. :cool

Belated Happy Birthday

Good catch, Oldog. Wondered if anyone would pick up on that. Guy had a knack for cramming a lot into a few words. That one has been a favorite of mine, reminds me of the last time I saw Townes. It was way back in 1968, I was in Houston trying to chart a new course and stopped by the old Sand Mountain for old times sake. Guy was playing so I hung out for his last set. When we were leaving, Townes showed up with Mickey Newberry in tow. We wound up at Guy's place, he had just finished his first guitar and Townes was putting the hard sell on Newberry. Listening to those guys swapping tales and songs was priceless!
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