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I accepted a role as the customer contact with one of the hardest ass clients to ever turn a screw.

Why? 5 projects on the Gaspe Peninsula, with 2 starting up right now. These were high profile, annoying, tedious, combed over, bullshit jobs. Make no mistake, I knew what I was getting into, on both sides. An overly demanding, exacting, anal customer willing to escalate 3 levels of management above me for the slightest mistake or oversight vs. Gaspe salmon fishing. The choice was something that took less than 10 seconds to make.

I traveled over Labor Day weekend to limit the impact to the customer and my own management, and even opted to drive to Montreal rather than take the 4 connecting flights and 8 hours it took to actually get to Gaspe. It saved me $700 in costs, and probably added 10 hours to my own personal schedule....stopped at the border, drive time, coordination, etc.

The Cathedral of hockey, le Belle Centre. I am not a Canadians CANADIENS fan, but this is the Lambeau field of hockey....the temple:
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Old fashioned, stolen pint glass from a microbrasserie in Montreal, and filet in red wine reduction before I flew out.
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As the remnants of hurricane Harvey rolled over Gaspe, the first sight I saw as coming out of the clouds was this as we descended in the prop plane:
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Time to get some authentic poutine:
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I had a half day to kill before working the next day, so I decided to go see some salmon pools. I turned the wrong way on the road, which turned out to be a mistake I am glad I made:
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and bought some Canadian chips:
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The rest of the trip was pretty fucking boring, truth be told:

The fish were stupid
20170905_160604.jpg (368.67 KiB) Viewed 1907 times
The scenery was ugly
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The rivers were dirty and without anywhere to hang out
20170906_144541.jpg (440.67 KiB) Viewed 1907 times
And I didn't hook into a (easy) 25 pound Atlantic salmon that porpoised completely out of the water to take my wet fly, have it fight me across a beaver pool, through deep boulder, and down a set of 300 yard riffles as I ran next to it with one hand on the rod and one on the reel. When the fish took the fly (aggressively as I've ever seen a fish take a fly, salt or otherwise), I spent a good 15 seconds in complete disbelief, and the next 5+ minutes running around like a madman. With 8 pound Maxima chameleon as my only link to the fish, I actually felt satisfied losing it, because I knew it would have taken me a half mile down the river, even if I were to lose it later on. It was a monster, the 3rd biggest fish I have ever hooked, and the biggest by 20 pounds I have ever hooked in fresh water. I was shaking for 10 minutes afterwards.
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So, I lost it, on a size 2 wet fly and 8 pound test. I saw it come completely out of the water 3 times, and walked back to the pool mimicking how I would hold a fish that big, my hand not even fitting around the spot between that tail and caudal finPEDUNCLE. Like trying to hold a living, squirming pint glass at the top.

I may go back soon, if I have the time.
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By befuddled
Oh, holy hell. That was great even without a fish. That place is freaking beautiful.

Poutine looks as bad as chili fries.
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CarelessEthiopian wrote: Mon Sep 11, 2017 6:41 pm It's called a peduncle or wrist you dumb fuck.

I can think of at least three jokes using the term "pendunkle".

Edit: I like my description better. Try using "pendunkle" in anything but an anatomy article, and you automatically sound like a douchebag, I can't ever imagine actually saying that out loud, ever.
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By Redchaser
Wait, actual good content from Rafa? What the fuck.
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By B.M. Barrelcooker
I don't know nothin about hockey or all that weird shit you are eatin and drankin ( cept them cheesy gravy fries)

But that's some mighty pretty country you fount yourself in.

Make sure to tag one of the boulders on the stream with a big spray paint pecker.
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By fatman
I see D-wayne sent you a flytie

not bad :smile
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