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By BobLoblaw
RFA wrote: Mon Oct 02, 2017 5:07 pm EDIT:

I first got into Tom Petty in the early/mid 90's. I knew of him and liked his songs, but he became a staple of my days while working, and I will never forget how one of his songs coming on the work truck radio used to psych me up.

I drove an auto parts truck for 2 years, circa 1996-97. The job paid shit, and the trucks were questionable at best from a safety standpoint, but it offered freedom and exploration that a 19-20 year old rarely gets while being paid.

The store was located in Jersey, Son's Auto. Local joint. The 4-5 kids I worked with scrambled for the unreserved trucks at 6:30AM while the "made" dudes drank coffee. They had the prime trucks, which were still pieces of shit, but they had AC, or stick shift, or a cab on the back (a must for long range runs with high dollar parts, meaning more time away from the shop).

I gradually moved my way up, it only took 2 summers. I had a toyota tin can with a cab on the back, and had runs across the Ben Franklin into Philly, DEEP into Philly. The thing was reliable, and had a working FM radio. I had my list of songs that I wanted to hear, and Tom Petty was at the top of the list, American Girl, etc. I would be flooring my shitbox down some ghetto street in North Philly, blasting TP, smoking camels, thinking about going drinking that night.

I developed a relationship with all of the dudes I delivered parts with, mutual suffering. They would bullshit with me, jokes, etc. I use that same skill when I head into the seedier parts of Schenectady, and have made a lot of connections. My buddy tries to do it, and is met with skepticism. He can't understand how these dudes don't understand him or his jokes, yet treat me like I am their best friend.

Thanks for that.
First thing I thought when I heard the news was, "OMG! Tom Petty died! Him can we make this about how fucking cool Raffa is???"

RIP Tom.
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I should have stopped at the second paragraph. Sorry, that was a stupid comment. Sometimes I just keep typing when I need to stop (applies to about 96% of everything I write)
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By Transylwader
The past 14 years of my life in chronological order...:-(
Little runaway
I won't back down
American girl
Learning to fly
Free fallin'
You don't know how it feels

One of the greats. Rest easy, Muddy Wilbury :cool
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By fatman
I was never a huge Petty fan, but his songs were always hits and had catchy lyrics. So from the time I was in high school, until today, whenever you tune in a rock station, you were bound to hear a Heartbreakers tune. And without even knowing it, you probably knew the lyrics, at least of the chorus.

What better tribute to a guy than you could sing along without even trying.....
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By McH
Punch in the fucking gut.

What impressed me the most, other than everything thing else about him, was how many legends he collaborated with.

Dylan, George Harrison, Johnny Cash, Clapton, Roy Orbison. etc, etc

To Petty :cool


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By Lurgee

One of the best
By BobLoblaw
RFA wrote: Tue Oct 03, 2017 9:49 am I should have stopped at the second paragraph. Sorry, that was a stupid comment. Sometimes I just keep typing when I need to stop (applies to about 96% of everything I write)
Well said.
I also would have accepted any version of "Go fuck yerself!"

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