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By Ginseng Sullivan
Anyone who has done the campground RB bake in the past knows, you can't beat having an actual house to stay in. In November. In Buffalo.

I mean I'm not knocking the "coffin", the 30 people bunkhouse or the rescued from a junk yard trailer I've "slept" in at past bakes but it's a house ferchrissakes.

SC will even let you butcher various animals in his awesome kitchen. Ask anybody.

I'll be around for a couple of days at least and I'll try and keep that weekend open.

So far this season is shaping up nicely so another month and maybe even Mitchy could catch one.

Do this.


Yer a Saint Chris!
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By fallen513
He's still looking for a place to park...
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By fallen513
I promise I will stay awake as much as possible.
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By Dr.Spaceman
Do you favor applications with demo glass listed under "community service"?
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By flashback
As an aside, Doyle Bramhall II will be doing his thing Thursday nov. 9 at the Tralf music hall, tickets a little pricey if gotten day of but not too bad before. Guy can play.
There will be other acts around that time too.
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By Ramcatt
Woolybug25 wrote: Mon Oct 09, 2017 1:26 pm Is Ramcatt too busy with speaking engagements and updating his LinkedIn? :cheer
LinkedIn in the new suk... and yes I am booked that week
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