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By fly-chucker
SLSS wrote: Thu Oct 26, 2017 12:24 am Any rocks?

:cool :cool :cool
no, but I strip set the fuck out of a branch or two :Roll Eyes
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By pbrstreetgang
1. How bashed in was the netted musky's head?
2. Is John wearing uggs again?
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By FredA
pbrstreetgang wrote: Thu Oct 26, 2017 8:31 am 1. How bashed in was the netted musky's head?
2. Is John wearing uggs again?
I gave it a go but the damn things just kept jumping in the net. Kevin caught all the fish. The rest of us did other stuff. I ate twizzlers and drank Kevin’s rum, Johnny was responsible for giving all of us the meat sweats, and my brother napped.
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By RaZ
i like that boat set up
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By johnbmadwis
Too much face.

It sucked.

1. Kevin caught all the fish. First fish, me out loud "awesome man!" which I then proceeded to accidentally dump back into the lake fumbling around like a maniac with the net. Second fish, 5-10 minutes after first fish, me out loud "nice" (muttering to self, "fucker"). Third - fifth fishes, various' "fuck you" "asshole" and "any more pink flies ya got?"

2. Fred snores. Kevin snores louderer. By a lot. Fred's brother's digestive system converts food into farts bordering on mustard gas.

3. I self-diagnosed myself as having Tennis Elbow. WebMD says it is caused by "any repetitive gripping activities, especially if they use the thumb and first two fingers, may contribute to tennis elbow." Instead of sympathy, many hurtful things were said.

ps. Kevin, post up the name of that incredibly weird pike video.

Hope next year sucks just as bad. :cool

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By fly-chucker

quite bizarre, especially while on the rum :cool
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[quote=fly-chucker post_id=681913 time=1509133284 user_id=9482]

quite bizarre, especially while on the rum :cool

Willi, Bruiser- isn't that our guy? the outfitter? the army paint on the beaver?

Good stuff guys.
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By Bruiser
That's the plane, the living room, and Steve and Carl!

Cool. :cool
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