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By chadroc
the usual goodness here. thanks for sharing.
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By TX.
You're such a fagabond.
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Always a good read :cool x2 on the smoked turkey.

One of these days i'll stop and fish that water. Despite it being in my neighborhood I've never been down that road.
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By Randall Dee
Average Joe bump.

Not sure if my Holiday was as good as yours Joe but, my sis in law cooks a mean turkey on the weber. Juicy and delicious. And she always makes sure that there's a couple of Radebergers in the cooler for me.
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By Lurgee
It looks like you are getting better at the fishings. What gives?
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By Mad_Mike
This was way better than my 48 hour road trip, punctuated by occasional stops to eat dry turkey while smiling and nodding to relatives... thank you for this.. you're truly an inspiration.
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By Redchaser

Well written and well lived. Thanks for the view.
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