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By LA Fly Guy

For the third year running, the #Makemineagumbopsicle boys got together to fart around and hopefully get a chance to chase some redfish down in Louisiana.

Fatman made a pitstop and picked up a couple of pies on the way down.


And true to form, not long after Fatman entered the state, the weather turned to complete shit. Fortunately, the weather forecast was predicted to get better by Saturday.

I picked up the Barrelcooker Wednesday evening from the airport in the cold and rain and we made our way down the bayou and met the boys to get a bite to eat, drink a few beers and play a couple games of pool.

Lurker Mike suggested the roast beef poboy, so that's what I ordered and it didn't disappoint. After we made it to the camp we unpacked our bags and Willi and I divided up the chicken so everyone would have an equally weighed Ball's sack.


The weather continued to look like shit so everyone sat around and ate, drank, bullshitted, and tied flies for the next two days. The [strike]windsock[/strike] traffic cone next door pretty much stayed like this for those two days.


At some point when the rain stopped, Lurgee said fuck this and looked around for anyone willing to toss a couple flies in the wind. The Careless Ethiopian and Willi joined Lurgee and Redchaser Ron grabbed someone as well and both boats launched behind the camp to hopefully find a tailing redfish or two.


Even with the stiff wind, drizzling rain, and zero sun, Ben managed to catch a willing participant.

Time was passed by tying more flies, more bullshitting, and visiting one of the local daiquiri joints.


Concoctions such as Drunk Monkeys, Cordial Cherries, and White Russians were brought back to the camp. The lady behind the bar gave us some valuable life lessons on leaving tips and which drink she couldn't turn down and would cause her to have to be carried out the building.

Redchaser made an outstanding gumbo along with potato salad but no gumbopsicles were made. However, Lurgee mixed up some lemon meringue and coconut pies in a cup and threw it in the freezer to make a piepopsicle.

Rods were rigged and leaders were tied in anticipation of the next days' fishings.


I'm not too sure on the use of strike indicators and popping corks on fly rods for redfish but I guess you gotta try anything when it's cold and raining.

Friday evening all of the local guys were getting texts from back home of snow falling in south Louisiana, but it didn't quite reach us. With the predicted break in the weather, names were drawn for who was going in which boats. Lurgee pulled the shortest of straws and picked Fatman and I.

Saturday morning was still somewhat windy, but for the first time during the trip the clouds had completely disappeared and everyone was excited about fishing.

This was my first time fishing with Lurgee but I already knew I was in good hands because up until this point, I have never seen a skiff with a midget stripper pole before.


Fatman was on the bow first and made some accurate casts but the redfish were quite lethargic and were slow on the take. Several times, Lurgee instructed Fatman to set the hook after he saw the fish's gills flare and take the fly, but they were so slow in closing their mouths, the fly came out. At times, fish would even swim under the boat without spooking. Finally, after a couple hours, the fish started to wake up and Fatman found a willing, hungry fish.




Fatman caught another one before I stepped up on the casting platform.







I caught a couple fish and then it was time to get Fatman back on the bow. Fatman ended up catching two more reds and then we made our way back to the camp feeling victorious - especially after the previous two days of crappy weather. None of the fish we saw or caught were bulls, but we were happy to be sight casting to numerous fish.

When we got back to the camp, most people had similar stories of lethargic, lazy, and unresponsive fish until about lunchtime, and then the switch was flipped and everyone started catching fish.

Trucha del Mar kept a small fish and made some delicious ceviche. Barrelcooker tried to help but ended up slicing his hand open. Junior, Lurker Mike, and B.M. left and went up the bayou to the closest hospital. Meanwhile the rest of us went to the "fancy" restaurant and ordered various steak and seafood entrees. The guys phoned in an order and made it back just in time when all of the entrees were placed on the table. B.M. made sure to tell the doctor that he was fishing the next day and the doctor did his best to accommodate him.

After a bellyful of a great meal and some drinks, we made it back to camp and this time Redchaser drew the shortest of straws and let me know that I would be fishing with him on Sunday. With several people having to catch flights and part ways as well as the sight of beautiful weather, everyone was up early and loaded up to get on the water.

The sunrise on the marsh was beautiful,



the [strike]traffic cone[/strike] windsock seemed broken,


and there was some funny frosty stuff on the decks of the skiffs.



Ron and I started fishing but we made a short move after not seeing any fish but it was nice seeing the water so still.


It wasn't long before I hooked up.



I was happy to get up on the poling platform especially since Ron doesn't usually get to fish at these get-togethers. Within a hundred yards and two casts later, Ron already had a fish on the line.


And Ron showed everyone how to properly pose with a redfish.


Ron and I kept on switching between the poling and casting platforms putting over a dozen fish in the boat in a short while.






Which is all actually just an optical illusion because you can't fly fish out of a Carolina Skiff.

Ron had to make it back a little early so he could pack up and get back home so we willingly left the fish biting after having such a great day especially after the weather that we had to endure during the earlier part of the trip.


After packing and cleaning a little, a quick shower and some long hugs, I headed back up the bayou with a smile on my face.

Good times were had and fishes were pulled over the gunnels of several boats. Hopefully it won't be next year before I some of you knuckleheads again.

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By tailchaser

I wanna go
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By Ruddy Duck
I fell off the platform, almost launched the car, and went home with an "inflammation" around a disk in my back that is still killing me.

I guess you could say I brought my A game.

On a positive note, I only started the boat to travel to the first fishing spot and back home on Sunday. The fishings was silly good. As was the company.
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By B.M. Barrelcooker

And there was ray-gay

YouTube link



La Flyguy graciously picked me up at the airport and quickly made me a friend with his cool and casual conversation.

We drove to the local pub and Met a lot of faces to connect with names and settled in to our new digs for a few days.

and got up the next morn to terrible weather for two days............This cracked me up.....We sking or fishing?


Lots of good conversation and funny jokes.

And then Saturday the weather broke and Red pushed me around for a fine day of fishing.....





Then this one bit me:


And I thought that it hurt and that I bled a lot........little did I know.

Somebody was embarrassed to be eating hot Balls


but he did a great job on the boudain


and that night I tried to multi task........Red told me it was the sharpest knife I'd ever see.

He weren't Lying........ I can honestly say I'm no good at multi tasking.....don't ask me to open a beer bottle and cut tomatoes at the same time with the worlds sharpest knife in my hand...

Junior is my Hero ....calm cool and collected. I said," John I think I cut my hand really bad." he said ," do we need to go to the doctor?"

I pulled back my pressure hand and said," too bad for super glue.....we need to go".

No questions asked .......He calmly got his keys and grabbed Lurker Mike who knows the way to the local E.R. well and we are off.

Best E.R. experience ever.... i told the doc I was fishing the next day no matter what so he told me to put my hand in the stripping motion before he started stitching .......Not Bad for an LSU guy...



Lurker Mike stole plenty of bandages tape and surgical implements for tyin flies and roach clippin

and wham bam we were out just like that.

And the fellas had my salad sitting on the table when we got to the restaurant.

The next day started like this




Tidewater and Fatman got a little too close and got mooned by the Ethiopian


More of this



and a cool ride home after one of the most memorable two days of fishing I've ever had......



Thanks to all you guys for making a dream come true !!!!

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By fly-chucker
and this is why the Drake has lost its flava :cool
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By Obie
Absolutely top shelf!
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By Redchaser

Anytime somebody reaches out to me for advise on a winter trip to Louisiana, I tell them to try to book or plan 4 or 5 days because out of that there's a good chance they'll get a couple of days of good fishing between fronts. This trip showed me that I've been giving good advice in that regard.

To deal with the anticipation leading up to the trip I tied flies, lots of them

I also built leaders....lots of them.

Driving down Wednesday afternoon the wind was blowing so hard it was hard to keep it between the ditches on the wet roads. Arriving at the camp I got the rundown of a couple of people who were expected but couldn't make it (understandably) but was still impressed with the great list of notable and luminary Huge Fly Fishermen I was going to be able to spend time with. The roster was Lurgee, Junior, Trucha Del Mar, B.M. Barrelcooker, Careless Ethiopian, Willi, Fatman, Ruddy Duck, Big Timber, LA Fly Guy, Tidewater, my buddy Lurker Mike and myself.

There was a uniform

Thanks to Fatman for the shirts, and B.M. for the hats.

Tidewater had his own custom hat... he is really pussy whipped


I'm just jealous

The mountain Hippies, Flatlander and Hillbilly had all arrived by Wednesday evening as had LA Fly Guy, Lurgee and Lurker Mike. We had dinner, both liquid and solid at a bar and showed off our lack of expertise at playing pool. We all really suck. We did befriend a really drunk truck driver at the bar and bought him some drinks.

Thursday was overcast, windy and cold with just a bit of drizzle thrown in. Lurgee led by example and said "lets go fishing" so he loaded CE and Willi in his boat, I put BM in mine and we launched at the camp to explore nearby waters.... surprisingly the water was clear in the area and we saw a few fish but didn't get any shots...but CE did as CE does and snatched victory out of the jaws of defeat by catching a fish in impossible conditions.

Thursday night we ate Gumbo and Boudin (there is no A in Boudin Barrelcooker)
I called a friend who guides in the area to invite him to come eat gumbo. He brought along his clients, the same 2 guys from New York state that he brought along last year. The really liked the gumbo and boudin and asked my friend to find out when we would be down next year so they could book that week. One of the dudes from N.Y. is a guide knows Ginseng Sullivan...I think there is some guide drama there. The dude is a huge fly tyer or something. In the spirit of the Gumbopcicle, Lurgee invented the piepopcicle. He loaded various flavors of pie in a cup, stuck a plastic knife in it for a handle and froze it. I think it was a much better idea than the gumbopcicle.

Friday morning the weather was a lot like Thursday, but luckily it was windier, colder and raining too. We did not fish Friday. We tied flies, watched movies and videos about the Pie Yow Comme Ce lots of alcohol was drank. For lunch we drove into the sorta town to the Daiquiri store and to a little restaurant.
My softshell crab po boy was Cest Bon.

Friday night we planned on eating at this surprisingly nice restaurant that's in the middle of the marsh, but because it was cold and they aren't used to that down the bayou it was closed, so we ate at the bar again. The truck driver was still there, he loved us by then. We ate and played more pool and took good care of the waitress / bartender for putting up with our crap. She's going to have a Merry Christmas.

Saturday morning we woke up and the sky was clear and windsock much less erect.

We were so freaking ready to fish we didn't waste much time. Junior and Trucha had brought a breakfast casserole ready to cook, they got up early to pop it in the oven so we were up, fed and out the door quick. It was still cold

Lurgee was ready with some unique rigging


Fishcamp was SKiffcamp

Barrelcooker was in my boat. We launched first, ran to a spot I normally like to start at and it was a mud hole as were most of the bigger bays due to the west wind. I didn't even stop and ran straight to plan B which is a smaller lake. The protected west bank of it was clear and we started fishing, not seeing much. We made a move to plan C, another protected bank and it was loaded with fish, but they were cold and lethargic and hard to feed. BM managed to catch 2 off of that bank,


we moved on to another protected bank finding more fish that were being active and were also a little bigger. BM picked up a couple more. One of the fish had taken the hook deep, BM was impatient while I dug for pliers and stuck his hand down the redfish's throat, it clamped its crushers down on his finger and BM bled like a stuck pig. After a while on that bank we made a move to a shallow bayou that looked good. It was loaded with active fish and BM picked up a few more. We headed to the launch kind of early because I wanted to put in behind the camp again to get a look at a pond we had fished on Thursday with out cloud cover. We dropped the boat in behind the camp quickly and took off. What we didn't know was that there was something sharp on the ramp and it had sliced the sidewall of my trailer tire while launching. When BM and I returned to the Camp we found out that Junior, Tidewater and Big Timber had seen the tire and acted as pit crew and put my spare on for me while we were out. What great fucking guys.

Back at the camp everybody reported catching fish and having a pretty good day. Trucha made a phenomenal ceviche. When it was almost time to head to the nice restaurant BM had to go to the ER. Junior, Trucha and Lurker Mike took him. We went to the restaurant and they met us there just in time for entrees to be served.

Lurker Mike sent me this picture from the clinic. They have a display of all the crap they have pulled out of fishermen

After eating what is one of the best steaks I've ever had we went back to camp. I stayed up late shooting the shit and smoking cigars with Fatman, but I was up early on Sunday, LA FLy Guy was in my boat. Weather Sunday was perfect. Chilly early but mostly calm. The bays were slick and running was easy. LA Fly Guy and I made a long run to one bay that we fished a while but I wasn't feeling it there so we made a move and found lots of willing fish. LA Fly Guy didn't suck near as bad ad Ruddy Duck said he would, in fact he did really damn good. He sees fish well, poles pretty least when it's calm, and catches fish just fine. This was the first time in 3 years of doing this trip that I got to stand on the front of a boat...boy is that tiring. A lot of fish were caught


Sunday was about as nice a day as you can get. The warmer it got, the more active the fish got. They were coming down the bank in packs of 5 or 7 or 10. Of all the redfish we caught only 2 or 3 were in the slot, the rest were over. It was a great day and LA Fly Guy was good company and got it done on both ends of the boat. We headed back to camp a bit early so I could pack all my shit to head home.

As a group we ticked off all that you're supposed to on a trip like this,

We ate lots of food,

Lots of booze was drank and T-Weed was smoked,

There was a trip to the E.R.

We saw beautiful marsh

Fish were caught,

New friendships were made and old ones cemented

There were also lessons learned,

Flatlanders and Yankees like gumbo and boudin

Pie is always good

When your friend shows you his nice knife and demonstrates that it's crazy sharp, don't use it to open a bottle

A cigar around a fire with a friend can warm up a cold fucking night

Even Yankees from upstate New York think 39 degrees is fucking cold when the air is wet and the wind is blowing

Most Drakiens are good people.

Thanks for the great times guys

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By Mad_Mike
Alas, another year passes and no invite.... Oh well, looks like you guys had a good time.. cheers fellas!
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By fallen513
Hell yes.

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By Average Joe
What I've learned from this TR:
too drunk to fry chicken.jpg
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that fish is sooo embarrassed.jpg
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never trust bm with a knife.jpg
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And finally, ya'll (is that how you spell it?) hate K_P and Mad_Mike.
K_P wrote: Tue Dec 12, 2017 7:07 pm That was beautiful.

[/gently weeping]
Mad_Mike wrote: Tue Dec 12, 2017 7:53 pm Alas, another year passes and no invite.... Oh well, looks like you guys had a good time.. cheers fellas!
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