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By ScottP

Not looking good for Oregon/southern Rockies although there's lots of time to boost those numbers. Compare to last year

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By Bruiser
The last Winter I ever saw this dry was apprx. 1980.

Wyoming and Montana are OK but dang the rest sucks.
By Honyuk96
Praying for you folks. My homies in western Colorado are bumming big time. So much so, the mountain is refunding locals who purchased full passes. Pray to the gnar gods for dumpage
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By K_P
We're pushing normal up here in Paradise, but it's the March snows (at elevation) that will tell the tale.
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By The Po Thead
Southeast Alaska’s streams are going to be fucked this summer if we dont get some snowpack to keep flows stable until late summer. Near Ketchikan, we broke the all time record high for the state and reached 67 degrees.... In January... In friggin alaska.
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By fishskibum
did i mention im a hudge powder skier
aint been easy this season
but it aint over yet
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By PastorBen
hey there

the high country has lots of snow but its kinda thin in the valleys ..

top of the Beartooth pass....lift opens Memorial day weekend....
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Grace and peace

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By Lando
We are sitting at 144%...........bring your boats for the Luau!!!!
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By Upsetter
Wasn’t last year even better? Or was that just bighorn country? Beartooth is kicking ass and takin names. If only the snow pack would solidify. 3 avy deaths already. All around west but Cooke ain’t much better. Last dude was ski biking just off a trail at the bottom of the canyon. WTF!?!
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