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We need to have another Brule bake, given how the last one went. Is ten years too soon to revisit it?
so many folk to sock in movembrrr, hey.
I cannae wait.

so I believe jose is going to drive us from sf to buffalo?
which is cool because all the t-weed in china wouldn't front a direct flight from sydney to buffalo.

no offence to you cheektowaga cunts.
and put out that fire for fuck's sake.
Oh, and smitch, you’re wrong. in this instance, it’s gingertappiethingy.

$5 seppo. pay in November. no vig.
austrotard wrote: Thu Mar 15, 2018 6:41 am so I believe jose is going to drive us from sf to buffalo?
I'm happy to do that.

Many, many years ago, a friend and I drove from Long Island to Ess Eff in under three days.

Now I only drive at night.

And only if it's raining.

So it might take closer to four.
that would be pretty fawesome.

providing you stick around and not just abandon me under the pretence of cappuccino fetching like you did on the john day.
and can we go through colorado? I have to drop off some very influential artwork that I copied off the innernet.

week road trip, week rustheading.
spits in hand, done.

I have a little petrol wonga if'n you fix the radio/air con/windscreen wipers.

bonus fries: mtice now drinks the long black with half sugar.
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I have a little petrol wonga

I beg to differ.
The Brule sings her own song and it's a song worth saving. I don't know what I would do without that river, but then she has been a lifetime friend. Make the contribution, get the sticker, and in return I'll offer up a full day guided float, shore lunch included, in a wood and canvas canoe.

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