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By Transylwader
You sorry AF twat. Stick to fuckbook.
You're a whiny AF git. Fuck Manchester City.
Arsenal, Springboks and your mum.
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By austrotard
I assure you. it will be for you.

dis: the above vid was originally 'you are not alone' by mj but upon reflection decided not to sully.

say no to sullies.

it's just as shit at home for them.
By chadroc

fuck. thought i'd live forever.

dead are dead. late one night, the club was heaving. i saw a vampire move across the floor........old. and white. with a silver cane. lusting for youth in teh mirror.
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By Lando
I had a buddy going to Dallas so I told him to get ahold of Jackie Treehorn. He bought one fly from him which produced.
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By austrotard
pbrstreetgang wrote: Tue May 08, 2018 3:53 pm948
we're doing tenners for maths, josh.
small wonder those numbers 'splode real good.


yeah. I know it makes one angry.
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