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By -G-
If salt water fishing is doing lines of coke off strippers titties, brook trout fishing in little brookie jungles like so has gotta be like sipping aged scotch.

Maybe I’m just a sucker for a quality brookie TR :cool
By chadroc
really really cool. i always wanted to try to cast under them laurel bushes. well done.
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By foureyedgeek
Ah man, that's awesome. The humidity is fogging up my lenses as I read it.
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By LA Fly Guy
That looks pretty good. I have to do this one day. TX, how many different strains of Brook Trout are there? Forgive this coonass' ignorance - I know nothing about trout and char.
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By TX.
Native and non-native...

I don't know about sub strains. These are southern strain.
The state stocks northern strain in the put and takes (kill zones)
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