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By Surly
Saltwater fish up and down both coasts and in the Gulf are managed under the framework set up in the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act. The last reauthorization set up annual catch limits (ACLs) which are science-based limits on the amount of each species that can be caught. If we go over, we have to pay those fish back in the following year. ACLs are a success story in fisheries management, the poster child being the rebuilding of Red Snapper stocks in the Gulf.

Bills are working through both houses of Congress which could impact greatly the MSA. A group of companies have lobbied Congress to have ACLs removed as the management tool for the recreational sector. These companies want people to catch more fish so that they spend more money on boats, outboards, rods, reels. Money instead of sustainable fisheries. The House version of the MSA bill, HR 200 - Modern Fish Act, is up for vote Tuesday, June 26. AFFTA and other fly fishing companies are taking a stand against HR 200. You need to, as well.

Here's an excerpt of a call to action email a friend has been circulating:
Batten down the hatches! There is a great threat and clear and present danger to our current fisheries management system. After leaving Capitol Hill on Wednesday, we heard that H.R. 200 will go to the floor for a vote on Tuesday, June 26. So I ask you to send an email to our congressmen today or tomorrow urging them to vote "No" on this legislation. In short, it is a dumpster fire and deserves to die. We measure our days on the water by the experience. H.R. 200 is for the crowd that doesn't stop fishing until the cooler is full. This isn't who we are. They don't speak for us.

Many of you have substantial fishing networks. Please share the link below as much as possible. We must stop H.R. 200. It is time to act and time is short. Every single email is critical.

Marine fish Conservation Network has a great action alert. It is automated and will send to the appropriate parties. This is what should be shared through your networks.
Here is the link. ... e-h-r-200/

The fish *NEED* you. Take a few minutes and call your house representative and tell them 'NO, HELL NO!' to HR 200. Or, use the link above to send them the message. Do it for the kids. Hold your congress critter accountable.

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