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By Redchaser
I'm thinking about taking the kid to Alaska next year and would like to take her on a bit of an adventure, maybe a combination of camping and cabins, a bit off the beaten path. Fishing won't be a priority or even necessary. I don't feel like trying to fly a buttload of camping gear to AK so if it happens, it will be through an outfitter or travel company. I'd appreciate any recommendations on areas to check out, outfitters/travel companies even specific trips.

For your trouble
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By fatman
what was the question?
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By G_Smolt
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There are over 150 public cabins for rent in SE AK, most are between $35 and $55/ night.

The Blue Canoe sails between pretty much all the communities in SE about once a week or so.

There are local outfitters who rent gear and transpo in a few of the communities.
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By fly-chucker
is that home grown?

never mind, I see who asked the question :smile
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By Redchaser
fly-chucker wrote: Mon Aug 06, 2018 7:10 pm is that home grown?

never mind, I see who asked the question :smile
If I had access to them kinda homegrown I wouldn’t be fucking around on the drake

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