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By LA Fly Guy
[quote="Ruddy Duck" post_id=689205 time=1534127630 user_id=15841]




FYI for youtube videos, do as you did but delete the youtube/ and just leave the AYukSbNk0X8.

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By 421sd
Killed it. :cool

I feel like a schmuck right now for not taking my girls somewhere this summer, but took them to YNP a few years back.

Looks like the now-ever-present summer wildfire haze was in bloom.
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By LA Fly Guy
Ruddy Duck wrote: Tue Aug 14, 2018 1:42 pm Weird. Worked on Apple devices but not on a PC. Updated.

You angling for the next moderator position?
Hell Naw!

Just trying to help my buddy out.
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By fatman
damn fine, Ruddy :smile
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By fly-chucker
nice place to love
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Spent the day trying to put into words what that place has meant to me, for work reasons.

When it comes right down to it, I just feel the same. I love that place.

Good for you, getting the kids there. I'm in the same boat- I got two of three to see it.
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By Bigguy
Good stuff, Ruddy!
Last year we had our daughter, son-in-law, Grand-daughter, son, and his fiancé join us on our annual trip to Montana.
It had been a while since our kids were up there, but the greatest joy, other than some great fishing, was getting to see that country through fresh eyes!
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By root wad
Way to make best use of these times while you can. They grow up much too quickly and it seems, before you can blink, the privilege of these opportunities will be but a memory, a thing of the past.
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By Bobwhite
Great stuff, there...

Good job, dad!
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By Bigguy
We followed in your footsteps today, Ruddy. Hiked the Beaver Pond Trail. Suspect our sojourn took a bit longer, but we thoroughly enjoyed it! My wife even spotted a couple of beavers in the big pond. We took pics, but I’m too damn tired to resize and post them.
Thanks for your post, without it I might not have found that trail.
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By Ruddy Duck
Wish I were there too.

I've only been there twice, so take my advice with a grain of salt. If you haven't left, hike to Hellroaring Creek.

Bring a rod and bear spray.

Hope your pictures do justice to the place and can serve as a constant reminder of what it feels like to be someplace special.

Disgruntled thin mint it is.

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