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I’ve zero experience with repairs on older botes so won’t pretend like I have a clue by responding to your oil question. Ruddy clearly knows what goes on. Either way I still think your botes more of a timeless piece than the stuff that’ll take up landfills that’s getting made in 2019. Can’t have last year’s model with the dated trout print and speakers...
Heero[CntRmbrPwd] wrote: Sat Jun 29, 2019 11:31 pm
-G- wrote: Sat Jun 29, 2019 8:18 am Heero is this your bote? :wink this pic makes me want to varnish your gunnels through my computer screen
Do you have that power? If so, will you use it?

We were approached by an aficionado of Yellowstone Drifter boats at the take out. He asked all about mine (its a 1984) and told me all about his along with who currently has the templates and how to get ahold of them if I need replacements, etc. He recommended sanding followed by boiled linseed oil for the wood. Does this sound reasonable?

PS I hate that I am a boat owner. I feel like some sort of scumbag and scoundrel. Is it wrong to feel this way?
I don't post often but I'll jump in here. I restore wooden boats for some of my living. If you go varnish you should be prepared to apply at least 12 coats to get the desired protection. Thereafter you sand once a year and apply a couple more coats. I'd suggest oil, but here's the thing, the boiled linseed oil you will find in the hardware store has not had the protein removed. They just put heavy metal driers and pesticide in it, and once the pesticide gases off after a year or so the stuff will grow black mold. You need to use this: ... ed_oil.htm

Use the purified boiled. If you want more details I'd be happy to help, shoot me a pm.
SCIENCE!! :smile

this is right up there with Galvaniz(s)ed Staples
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