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By Ruddy Duck
Junior© wrote: Thu Aug 16, 2018 11:03 am Needs more beer.

Seriously, looks like a great project - will follow with interest.

And PM tips for dealing with mid-life crisis, pls.

Say yes to
-the fishings
-treating your spouse well

Say no to
-old sailboats

Best of luck to you!
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By Mad_Mike
I like working on projects... err... I like the idea of working on projects... What I really like is watching other people work on projects, while drinking beer and thinking to myself, "I could totally do that..."

Thank you for allow all of us to do that... I'll be tuning in for the regularly scheduled updates...
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By gankadank

I can't read prospector 16 without getting all Bill Mason. That voice and the cheesy music...ha

Nice choice. There's a reason some many canoe manufacturers have emulated this hull

This is really cool and it'll be a delight to see your efforts
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Damn. I love seeing anybody go down this path. :cool And John B and Gank are spot on with both their sidebar recs.

Looking forward to watching from afar.

This may be the spur I need to get my boat projects done. Provided I get my career back on track, but so far so good.
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By TX.
You could build redfish landing nets w/ the steamer...just a thought.
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By NeedmoreDEET
Best wishes on your journey! Looks good so far.
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