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By TX.
As always, any you dudes need to bail, I'm near Asheville. I've got two spare beds and lots of sleeping bag space.
Socks can put a few up as well...
Mike, I know you need to be there, but if any of your family needs out, we're here.
Godspeed guys, this is gonna be a big bitch.
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By Mad_Mike
Appriciate it... I'm hoping it follows the US model.. If it does what the Euro model thinks it will we are gonna get fucked real nice a deep... I'll be riding it out regardless, and will decide what to do with the wife tomorrow.. but my family is still up in the hills as well so worst case scenario i'll send her there.

Hang on to your butts ladies and gents... its about to get bumpy...
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By K_P
Godspeed boys. Not much I can do from here but pull for you.

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By Lando
I always have a room for the Chucktown crew.
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By Da Ax
Dudes, don't be tools. Get out. Mother Nature can be beautiful, but a rate 1 bitch....
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By LA Fly Guy
Good luck, thoughts and prayers, and all that jazz for all of y'all. Stay safe and let us know that you're still ok when the wind stops.
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By Ruddy Duck
I'd be running for the hills. I don't fuck with hurricanes.

Been there, done that.

Stay safe Mike and crew.
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By Plow
Get out if you can, this should be a bad one. Models are all over the place on Florence from NC to north GA. Take care and stay safe.

FYI: I-10 is full of power trucks heading your way.
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By befuddled
Past experience tells me I'm not, but hoping casa de fud is far enough inland that my girls wont get too much of it while I'm not there.

Everybody wants to get out and all I can do is wish I could get there.
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By BigTimber
If you are unsure if your house/town can withstand a 1000 year flood, get out. Looks like this thing is going to hang out like Harvey and dump unseen masses of water.
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By Redchaser
Ruddy Duck wrote: Wed Sep 12, 2018 8:22 am I'd be running for the hills. I don't fuck with hurricanes.

Been there, done that.

Stay safe Mike and crew.

Don't fuck around with storms like this. Get out if you can at all, and if you've got to be there stay safe.
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