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By D-nymph
Wow, that's a hell of a weekend. You'll remember it forever.
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By stillsteamin
Really cool. Props for staying with it in the rain, helps that the fishing was good but camping in the rain is a grind. You gotta want it bad. What kind of a topper/camper combo is on your buddy's taco truck?
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By fatman
real strong :smile
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By austrotard
where the fucking hell did the rest of hpff go?
summmbtices... they pulled out all my fucking teeth and I'm still fat.

anyway. enough about you.
go esox! or some shit.
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By Obie
Well that looks fun...good on you for sticking it out, legwork and persistence definitely paid off!
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By fallen513
By chadroc
incredible. i am inspired. well done all around, and i think you should write about all five of em.
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By BearsFan
That was real nice. Thanks for sharing!
The days are receding ....

Sorry for your loss, Fallen.

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