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By n8
nice shunned. where's all the dead birds and mamals? thanks for the warm welcome. cheers :cool nice desk highstick.
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By shunned
mate, I'd like to kill the fucking thing but miss aka 2 fish loves it, it's name is Jessie (same as the real dog; real imaginative my daughter).
that's not a didgeridoo, love.jpg
that's not a didgeridoo, love.jpg (70.92 KiB) Viewed 2129 times
I know, dad.jpg
I know, dad.jpg (89 KiB) Viewed 2129 times
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By fat tire
See...shunned is quit normal. I knew it all along. your table..Now it needs epoxy drippings..Glue stains..feather and fur residue stuck in the epoxy... Beer bottle rings...and two day old pizza crust.
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By Mr. Don
just on the off mate, have you paid your dues or are you another of these slippery bastards?

disclaimer: I'm not bothered by tits but I wanna see some fish and pie, mostly pie. Fuck, we just can't let anyone in, where's the fun in that?

N8 please point me towards your noob into post cause I can't find it. :wink
Be a nice table if you ever start tying.
How many times an hour do you wash your hands you compulsive fuck? That neat is the sign of a very sick mind.
Anyway I suggest you get things right.
I will even lend you the pie .

p.s your name sucks

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By Plow
Nice table n8. Fronts match nicely. Must be from big city Mississippi if you can get Chimay. Must be from Mississippi if you’re drinking it out of a mug – least its not frosted.

MD spotted the pie how about some fish, that marsh red (I’m guessing) in your desk, sans your face, is a start. “Newbie Hello” is one way to start if you can pull it off, either way welcome.
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By jerome
anyone else thing Lil Miss Shunned looks like she just took a huge rip off the bong in that 2nd pic... funny as hell... :cool
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By Oldog
Please do not use the Veetch intro as your guide.

no need to demonstrate you skills at cussing and spewing forth garbage.

show fish and some water - boobs are appreciated by the hoard

thank you

I admire you carpentry skills..

I am getting ready to start an orchid table for MrsDog, but I don't do well with anything smaller then dimensional lumber
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Wow, this post makes me feel bad. I thought I was the shit because I just picked up a rubbermaid hobby drawer set for $7 at Wal Mart. I tie with my wife's desk lamp on my kitchen table.

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By n8
7lbs. 30" on a 3 wt. in Wa.
bigtrout.jpg (24.27 KiB) Viewed 1546 times
beach fishing 012smaller.JPG
beach fishing 012smaller.JPG (93.34 KiB) Viewed 1532 times
fishing buddy
Delia-2-Fish.jpg (86.93 KiB) Viewed 1526 times
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