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By RockyMtHigh
How times seems to fly by as we grow older. Kids grow and move away, we lose touch with some friends, and we lose people and pets that mean a lot. Pets more than people in some instances.

Some of you met her at a bake a few years back. Porno Mike took a liking to her, and a few of you would ask how she was doing when we talked. Commonly known as the "Weiner," I had to say goodbye to a friend last month.

Not a lot to say. One of the toughest responsibilities of a pet owner is to have the guts to let go when the time comes.

We did take a final trip to camp this fall. She took her last ride in the golf cart and hung out with some friends. We built a fire and let her lay next to it until she was ready to go to bed.

It is inevitable; this day will come for all of us. There will be that last road trip, last cast, last breath. It's how it is supposed to happen.

Here is a progression of pictures going back 14 years. She would have been 15 in Feb. It was a tough day when I had to say goodbye....

Alexis and Chili.jpg
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So sorry to hear man , it's never easy losing a best friend (if you're like me especially so the four legged kind who you've spent so much time with). I'll pour a sip...or two...tonight in her honor and give my new girl an extra ear rub as well.
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By FredA
Sorry to hear this. Having recently lost my pup I feel your pain. We were laughing about my late pups quirky ways just this evening. The remembering and the laughter helps.

They're part of the family and you've done right by her. Pouring a sip tonight in her honor.
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Sorry, man. It's tough every time.
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By Upsetter
Condolences. Tough time. I’m facing it down x2. One is 13. Another 11. Uggh. Keep your chin up and you’re eye on the lookout for a youngin. Best salve there is.
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By fatman
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By flashback
Sorry to hear, just a super dog. I lost my Keegan in July suddenly, got Ike my new pup four weeks ago. From heart breaking to housebreaking.
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By fly-chucker
sorry about your wiener. lost my own when I was a kid, still have a soft spot for those low riding little guys :cool

sips will be poured
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By Ginseng Sullivan
Aw that's terrible news Mike. I am very sorry to hear, you and your family have my deepest condolences. May she Rest in Peace.
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By Transylwader
Great quote: "we lose people and pets that mean a lot. Pets more than people in some instances".
Every human should have an opportunity to have a dog as a buddy just once in their lifetime. We become better people for having them. Dogspeed Chili, rest easy, pup.
Sip poured.

meh. let them breathe cake...

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