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By fishpimp
Pyramid lake in NV. April 8 thru 16, or whenever. I’m making the long drive...whose in?
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By The Wandering Blues
Been a long time since I stood on a ladder. I may be in for that.
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By fishpimp
I was told Average Joe might be interested in this...
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By Kfoxwyo
Very interesting.
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By The Wandering Blues
fishpimp wrote: Sat Jan 19, 2019 7:47 am I was told Average Joe might be interested in this...
In my experience, Average Joe is a synonym for Pyramid Lake.

True story- I watched him one time, balanced on his ladder in 30 mph winds, with 3 foot rollers pushing in, a whisky and cigar in one hand, his fly rod in the other. He hooked up, fell backwards, and landed the fish. The cigar stayed lit, and not a drop went awry. He IS the most interesting man in the world.
By fishskibum
my damn nephews graduating in late april so our annual 420 green bake is compromised
this i could do
and ifin i got to hit the rubys and score the terminal cancer coulior pre or post that'd be rad
i should have a crew and a 5th wheel to contain my messes and god
is it okay if i tether the drifty and put the ladder on the casting deck?
my waders leak
By fishskibum
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By fishpimp
So? Bump...
By fishskibum
I still haznt decided what im gonna be this summer when I grow up
this sounds like spring
put me down for a good probability of possibly gittin my shit together
and making an appearance
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By Kfoxwyo
Well lets see, never met any of you all in person...I have a work thing on the 10th, so I could be there the 11th or 12th-and stay a day or two...a ladder
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By Spicytuna
My schedule might have just opened up for this and I have a travel Trailer that sleeps 4 and a dinghy

I would try and drive up Thursday evening and stay through Sunday.
whatcha tying?

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