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By floodtide
Puzzle lake, St. Johns River, Seminole County, Florida.




Prey identified...


Prey apprehended...



Eyes > stomach?


Same shot, ultra-close crop.


The heron eventually gave up and flew away, leaving about a 2.5 lb. bass on the bank.


The fishing sucked; the sightseeing was good.
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By Mr. Don
Excellent report. I got warmer just looking at the pics.

thank you
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By Plow
Nice floodtide.

I’m going to beg, borrow or steal one of Tom’s demos in a few months and try the goon and other points down your way soon. The St. Johns is somewhere I always wanted to fish.

Any Shad make it up there and damm that’s a nice ride. :cool
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By The Volfish
The only thing between me and a skunk.

Deep bends were targeted.

Plenty of bull shit to deal with.
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By fat tire
very nice..
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By tailingpermit
looks like you had fun! Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday on myspace get your butt down here when you have the chance i owe you one.
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By Oldog
I even like the horses and the cows.
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By stripstrike
Those are nice pics. The sun looks nice and warm. And an even nicer bote.
But, I cannot believe how goddamn flat that place is.
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