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By Mad_Mike
My in-laws are snowbirds and looks like me and the wife will be heading down to visit with them here in a few weeks... Looking for information or any tips... May have my boat in tow, but will definitely have rods... Any help is greatly appreciated..

*I tried to put up some payment.. but I'm on my phone and I can't figure that out.. so maybe I'm not worthy of aid...
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By ironman
I was just there.

You’ll need a pocket full of money.

And a supercar.
By Heero[CntRmbrPwd]
I have fished there once. I think we went North out of Pine Island. It was with a group after a wedding with 3 guide boats. I was the only fly fisher and the guides weren’t fly fishing guides. I caught snook and sea trout on the fly rod and the same plus some redfish fishing live pilchards. Lots of fish were caught fishing the back bays and the shallow water around the little islands.
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By LA Fly Guy
Come on guys, Mike is a good guy. Somebody help him. I'll post the payment for him.





By medbow
Rent a Hobie pedal-drive sit-on-top kayak and fish inshore. Call Naples Kayak Co. They also have great guides for 1/2 the price of a motorized trip (300 to 500 depending on how long). Big snook.

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