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fukkin place is dead

KP :bow
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By V Wake
The Wandering Blues wrote: Sat Apr 13, 2019 11:51 am
stillsteamin wrote: Sat Apr 13, 2019 11:31 am
K_P wrote: Fri Apr 12, 2019 11:08 pm
Some of my friends felt that it had been nothing short of rude for the original poster to not share with me the location of The Tree.
To be honest, I don't think anybody owes anyone the location of such a thing. Too much is given away these days. Instant gratification denies people the journey, as you've acknowledged. A simple "no" brought you to the coast, and it brought us all this story. Thank you, and I suppose, PS as well.
By not telling him, he gave him a gift.
I was telling my wife about this post today as we drove along back roads trying to find a trail head. She gave me an understanding nod, and then, in typical exhausted wife fashion said “Please tell me you’re not looking for your tree right now because what I really need you to find is a clean bathroom.”
KP, thanks for the story. I’m glad you found the tree, but even if you hadn’t it seems its mere existence and gravity provided a focal point to help you find a better place. We could all be so fortunate.
there's a magazine?
Thank you for the excellent read, KP- and I'm glad you found what you were looking for.
I've been waiting until I had a chance to sit down and read through this in its entirety. It did not disappoint. :cool

Thank you KP

Im glad you found what you were looking for, sounds like in more ways than one.
K_P wrote: Thu Apr 11, 2019 9:46 pm

The Tree had been the catalyst to my search. My search had brought me to This Place. And, This Place had so much more that was yet to be discovered. I might spend the rest of my life taking it all in, and still not see it all.

Perhaps that was the reason I was here, now, and present in a completely unanticipated moment.
Well done, KP, well done. Thank you for taking us along for the ride. I'm glad you found your tree - but even more grateful of the trip it carried you through, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
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