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By -G-
This winter I began to realize that the end of my academic career was happily ending. The reason this is important to put here is because April 5th, 2019 was my very last day, and I do not have to begin work until June 20th, 2019. Which conveniently gives me over two months to hunt, fish, and joy-read as much as I desire.

Two months, in undoubtedly the very best time to catch a trout in Michigan. Just thinking about this time has me envisioning the ramps shooting up, marsh marigolds, caddis, Hendrickson’s, grouse thumping in the distance, turkeys calling, and swollen tea-stained rivers that ease their way through cedar swamps.

The problem however.. is that I’m writing this in early April, and none of this has begun.

In fact, I came across this sobering sentence in “The Habits of Trout” by Tim Schulz from Michigan’s upper peninsula.


Which is sadly true, as March has proven to be the month where I somehow figure out to get a truck stuck in a painfully familiar yet slightly different way than the year past. All while trying to be the first one down an access that hasn’t been plowed since November.


And April has proven to be the month that leaves my lips dry and chapped, sun/ wind burnt from my chin to my cheek bones, and me wondering if my arthritic fingers which have declined at a concerning rate in a months time will allow me to cast a 3 weight come June. All from unsuccessfully trying to catch a two foot trout with an articulated cum sock and a 9 weight.


And May, oh may. That sexy son-of-a-bitch. Say it slow, and whisper that word to me why don’t you. However it seems to always find a way to snow the weekend we plan to time the first Hendrickson hatch.


But when you hit it right, as Schulz explains—

“You will experience the birth of a new fishing season in the most glorious way it can happen”

I sure hope that’s the case this spring, and will post here if my extra time allows me to catch any of these windows and experience the spring I dreamt of all winter. If any of you are in state and would like to float down in the ‘shoe with the pup and me, send some dates over.

PS- Happy trout opener this weekend, btices.
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By Transylwader
Trout opener... Fuck me. In NC, thats when every piece of shit hick chases the stogger truck and belts a tank scrubber on the head and puts them on a lanyard and wears it like a fucking medal. Thanks for putting that image back in my head...
Relates, thats for the stocked streams.
Native punes are caught year round.
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By yard4sale
Fucking trout weenies, always something to complain about...

Looking forward to your adventures! :cool
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By Kfoxwyo
How hard is it to drag a drift boat over the snow?? I have been struggling with this in my mind...and thank you, looking forward to your future posts...
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By -G-
4/29/19- the opener

There is more than 1000 miles of trout water that opens up in Michigan the last Saturday of April. 1000 miles of trout water that hasn’t been touched since early last fall. Even before the trout opener, you can usually be the only one floating a 9-10 mile section of river, and once trout season officially begins the water that’s available increases 10-fold into a playground for the trout fisherman. To Michigan trout fisherman this date is more than an opening of waters, but a beginning to a certain lifestyle our trout fishing requires during the spring and summer months.

We wanted to reap the benefits of some trout not seeing flies in several months, and overnighted on a section that opened over the weekend to make sure we were the first ones down.

Day one proved to be difficult. I looked at the weather all week leading up to the opener and cringed every time I saw near-gale force winds that were forecasted. Our time on the water proved the weatherman correct, and we had 3 trees come down within 50 yard of us, and that’s just what we could hear. One fell entirely across the river that forced us to portage the shoe.

Rowing was almost impossible, and we could barley see an inch or two below the waters surface.

Despite this, Jason pricked a monster trout that had to of been in the upper twenties right at the boat, and I did the same to a two foot trout. In most of my fishing life, wind has always been the factor that consistently brings poor fishing, but for whatever reason giant trout were out hunting and we were lucky enough to see a few despite the conditions.

I didn’t take one picture that day because it was so uncomfortable and was just trying to focus on keeping sane whilst pushing into a sharp upstream wind.

We set up camp, made fuckin Travis’s famous gabagoul, ate it until we hated ourselves, pet Nuyas belly, then went to bed hoping conditions would improve.





The next morning we woke up to 28 degrees and frozen everything. But this quickly subsided due to high skies and with the wind dying down, it was nearing perfection. It took about 4 hours to move our first fish, then about 10 minutes later we caught the very first trout of trout season. It ate on a long cast, and corked my 8 weight staying low and In the wood for the majority of the fight. Once Jason slipped the net under its orange belly- Nuya sprinted up and down the bank, got her trout licks in, and we performed a series of awkward high fives to fist bumps, fist bump to high fives, with about half of them landed.



Until this fish, Jason and I have had a tough stretch the past few years together fishing in early spring. But this trip changed things, and was a perfect way to ring in trout season.
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By BigTimber
mitch aka 2 fish wrote: Thu Apr 25, 2019 8:47 pm just ask anyone I've pissed on.
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