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Venice La. would be good too, big freakin tuna...or i would go with destin or gulf shores.... if you go to gulf shores, makes sure to visit the Flora-bama, you can get wasted in two states at once.
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By Plow
Ditto on Jacknasty’s Destin comments. Destin would be my first choice. Orange Beach/Gulf Shores/Flor-Bama area is also very good. Not as refined in a redneck sort of way but fun. Venice has great fishing but zero nightlife.

The "Georgia Crew" (as in Stogie, Brian, Chad & myself) went to Orange Beach a couple of years back...we had a blast. Caught tons of fish. Mostly snappers, bonito, grouper and Mack....but fun, none-the-less. I think the name of the boat was "Summer Hunter"
I grew up in Pensacola, right on the border next to Orange Beach/Gulf Shores Alabama. If you go there, do not miss a night at the FloraBama; although there is not much left of the FloraBama, hurricane got most of it. I was down there last summer, it was just a trailer selling t-shirts, and a deck for a bar. Fishing is awesome there. My first pick though, would be Destin. Better class of ass and a little better fishing in my opinion.(The offshore drop is a little closer in on Destin I believe)
For inshore fishing in that area Capt. Wes Rozier and his nephew Capt Josh Rozier are 2 of the best. (Family friends, but believe me, they are a hardcore fishing family!) If you are looking for a big boat, to take a big party out on, they will point you in the right dirrection. I would say contact Josh, and let him know what you want to do. Tell him that Heath in Norfolk, VA sent ya. (I grew up going by my middle name Heath)
Damn,now I'll just be thinking about packing my bags and rolling that way for the rest of the day. :cool
Later, Harry
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By n8
capt. harry is right. Rozier is the shit. i caught my first saltwater fish on the fly out of his boat. he will do whatever you want to do, and show you how to do it right. i think he is 80 an hour for 1 person or 20. dont quote me on that, but i believe that is where it is. he's got some great grass flats to fish for blues, reds, trout, ladies, and flounder. enough of this. if you go to pen, definatly hire the roziers. here is the pic of the blue.
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Sorry, my post did read as if Rozier was in Destin, yes they both are in Pensacola. You meet him at which ever ramp is closest to the hot bite. I think they will both cover from Navarre, FL (Just west of Destin) to Gulf Shores, AL. Wes Rozier is one to put you with the right people if he can't do it, and he has some connections for booking with the bigger boats for wreck fishing and stuff.
Hopefully some day, I will get to move back down permanently to the Redneck Rivierra. Damn, I miss that place.
Later, Harry
CaptHarry wrote:
Hopefully some day, I will get to move back down permanently to the Redneck Rivierra. Damn, I miss that place.

I can't leave this area. There are other places I would love to fish regularly, but I like living here
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