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By LA Fly Guy
Thanks for that - all of it. Fine work, sir.

Especially the pondering of grooves, ruts, and all.
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By -G-
Your photos, and TRs for that matter pretty much exemplify what fishing is to me. Simple perfection, thanks
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By stillsteamin
the fins on that first grayling, damn. And the god seems to approve, which is important.
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By markl
Spectacular. Grayling are fantastically beautiful fish. You gotta love the colours on the dorsal fins.
Reminds me of years ago when I guided as a kid on the Mackenzie and would catch them in the faster water, up tight against the islands. Everyone wanted to go for the big Pike. Not bad. But, I would take anyone that would listen to fish for Grayling. Pretty damn tasty when smoked too!
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By fly-chucker
#notarut :cool

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