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By woodwiseforester
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Long time reader, first time poster.
Taking a proper road trip !
Boy (12) and I (nearing adulthood) will be driving from NYC area to Texas in a few weeks. Time for once is not an issue we have 5-6 days to spend. Boy is just getting his solo fly game up to speed and want to have a really positive fun time catching fish in cool places to boost his confidence while making memories.

So far we have two planned stops Clemson SC, and Mobile AL and few plans besides checking out classic BBQ joints in between. Looking to take the back roads, and have the boy navigate on a good old paper map.
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By stillsteamin
this is a flea bag motel room with a shit stained mattress - positive happy fun time is next door.

Also do the boys parents know youve taken him
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By Bigguy
Dude, go back to the main page. Look at the first post. Read it very, very carefully. Don’t come back until you can follow it. You have been warned, it will only get worse!
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By fatman
I say no
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By fishskibum
mitch aka 2 fish wrote: Wed Jul 24, 2019 10:41 pm this place sucks.
its a native thing bro
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