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Taking a proper road trip after years of dreaming!
Boy (12) and I (nearing adulthood) will be driving from NYC area to Texas in a few weeks. Time and funds for once are not an issue, we have 5-6 days to spend. Boy is just getting his solo fly game up to speed and want to have a really positive fun time catching fish in cool places to boost his confidence while making memories. Going to keep it simple, a few rods, box or two, targeting fresh, warm water, pan fish, carp, and whatever happens. Keeping the kit small, simple since we're flying home at the end.
Blessed to be born in the Rusty Steelhead Belt, do the OBX thing, Bookies in the ADKS, chase Salty critters, so looking for a new adventure.

So far we have two planned stops Clemson SC, and Mobile AL and few plans besides checking out classic BBQ joints in between. Looking to take the back roads, and have the boy navigate on a good old paper map. Might camp, likely to get a few flea bag motels to beat the heat.

IF any one has good ideas of areas to check out, an uncommon fishery, great hike, or swimming hole out please send them kindly along.

AND Folks we're not looking to burn any spots, crowd the locals, start guiding in your backyard, blow it up on social media, steal your last jelly doughnut, numbers, dog, dancing partner, or drink your last cold one! For real, got that a plenty, right close here on home water, sadly.

What would be helpful is info on hatches to key on, drainages, National forests or seashores, habitat - restoration projects, or state department of natural resource sites to check out. Half the fun is finding it and figuring out, but hoping to avoid being a typical knucklehead guy and missing an cool experience with the boy.

More than willing to share the same info on our area in return. We will ship, cool stickers and a quart of our Maple Syrup to the kind soul who shares the best info as an Karma incentive.

Thank you Kind Folks of the DRAKE, hope the summer smiles on you all

Be Safe,
Pat and Quinn (the boy)
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By B.M. Barrelcooker
I heard there are some nice trout farms in North Georgia. You can buy your worms and corn right there at the pond.
Paging Mexico Returns...
Paging Mexico Returns...
Paging Mexico Returns...
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By Obie
What is NYC maple syrup made of, and is it at least 80 proof?
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