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....Because I haven't been fishing. At all.
I quit my job, tired of the bullshit, no plans.
But my awesome wife bought me a trip to Belize as a "retirement, scouting, birthday" gift.
Did I tie enough flies?
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There's well over 200, should I take a vice just in case?
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By TX.
It's a DIY paddle board/ wade gig.On the north side of Ambergis... seems super cool, Cayo Frances.I'm all about the DIY thing. 45 minute boat ride from San Pedro. Almost in Mexico.
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By TX.
That was before I moved to Cackalacky Shawn.

Here is where I'm going. There's 1 spot open, wanna join?

So I'm guessing the Youtube embed is dead again:

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By fatman
[quote=TX. post_id=695103 time=1566090111 user_id=339]

cool :smile
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By TX.
I think the last 10 posts I've made have been: "So I haven't posted in a while".
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By TX.
another: [url][/url]
Good to see you posting and I’m glad you are breaking the shackles doubt that you’ll land in a better place.

Pro tip :
I’ve been in that area of Belize twice this year with approx 10 days of diy. Caught lots of fish and had a blast.

I packed about like that with multiple boxes.
One fly survived both trips.

Have fun and take pics !!
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By fishskibum
I wanna go
I can hang on the sup
put flies in my beard and having been to belize
will bring way better pots than available on any caye
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By Redchaser
TX. wrote: Sat Aug 17, 2019 12:19 am
Did I tie enough flies?
There's well over 200, should I take a vice just in case?
Careless Ethiopian put it best "you always tie hundreds of flies for a trip, and use exactly 1"

Enjoy yourself, I'm looking forward to a full report.
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By LA Fly Guy
So, how many did your 8 year old tie?

FYI, click share under the video screen and click copy.

In the post a reply window, click on youtube - it's the one farthest to the right. Then paste the link you just copied.

Delete the (basically anything before the / and leave the wnP5mb9nmqU

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By TX.
It must just not be showing up on my laptop.
That was how I embeded.
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