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Nice bonefeesh and permits. So, how many flies did you use? How many of those were tied by your young son?
LA Fly Guy wrote: Wed Sep 04, 2019 9:58 am Nice bonefeesh and permits. So, how many flies did you use? How many of those were tied by your young son?
He caught at least one bone on one the kid tied, which I think is awesome
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Mexican permit don't count.

Good trip anyways. :cool
sarmulminnow wrote: Wed Sep 04, 2019 9:24 pm So, I’m guessing thumbs up for cayo frances?
Two...if you're into the diy thing. Guides from SP charge an extra $25 (fuel) to pick you up there (don't know if it's BZ or US) Exchange rate is 2:1 always.
Jeff, the owner is super chill, meets you at the dock after every excursion, the bar is on honor system, the food is awesome, and way too much. He interacts and CF holds a special place for him. You can feel it.
There's a camp dog, Ginger, that is a snaggle tooth, his family dogs were there too, Elsie and Franny...I brought dog treats, so guess who was their best friend? There's a table by the bar that is piled w/ shit that anglers have left for others to's really cool. Loaded fly boxes, fly lines and leaders...He hangs out w/ you by the fire after dinner.
He's had two or three reviews on yelp and Trip advisor that were great, but he doesn't want that kind of attention. He wants it to be appreciated for what it is. He's trying to get them removed.
He's an ex-pat that's been there for like 14 years.
So, yeah.
So I just got back from that place again. Took the fam down for 11 days. See if I can get pics to post on this new ugly format.
Wasn't a fishing trip :bullshit
Where's the fucking report button? okay, found that. Doesn't work, imagine that.
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