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Ben (little dude) also jumped a tarpon that was 100# plus on a rattle trap.
More pix of the ruins later....super cool trip.

nice shootin', TX :smile
As all our family vacations are, this was an educational trip. We did the reef/ shark snorkel thing and we saw Mayan ruins, which in Belize amazed me because a lot of them haven't been uncovered like in Mexico. The army patrols them 24/7 because looters from Guatemala come in and steal shit. Anyway, won't go into many details since this is kind of a fishing place.
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We saw a tomb that was carbon dated to 1250 BC...pretty cool, but it was pretty much just dirt.

So we did this cave tour, it's called the ATM. Nation Geographic's #1 sacred place...Beyond cool, it depicted the complete demise of the Mayans. It was discovered in 1989! They left everything in the cave, in-tacked, untouched.
It was a 45 minute hike to the cave w/ three river crossings (swim).
You have to swim into the mouth of the cave, spelunking, climbing, and more swimming involved.
No cameras allowed now because of some dumbasses that dropped them on the bones (and broke the bones).
Generic pics to follow...but if you ever get a chance to do it, do it.
Two THOUSAND years old!
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The kids got to see all that shit!
Cave goes back almost 5 miles, we did about a mile and a half....don't think I'll ever experience anything like like as long as I live. It was truly amazing.
Best part of the trip by far (unfortunately day one).
The pics don't do it justice.
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That’s actually a picture of me waiting for my girlfriend on the bow to make her 20 ft cast to a group of tailers.

Amazing reporting. I think I know one of the owners of the DIY camp, if it is actually the same place. Place is legendary. Way to go!
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