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By skullion childs
Executive Summary
November 7-10
Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights
Fishing thurs/fri/sat/sun

Just like last year, there are a variety of options for places to stay:

1. I'm going to send my wife to a spa that weekend of and open the Skully manse to Drake folks who want to come down. It's a relatively big house (Skully: "I think the house can put up about 20 people." Ginseng Sullivan: "You can fit a hundred people in there. Seriously."). Because of the bathrooms (four), I think we can comfortably deal with about twenty people; maybe a few more. It's mostly floor space, as nearly all of the beds have already been claimed. It's relatively close to steelhead water, open in November, there's heat, but we're woefully short of a huge pile of burnable furniture (and, more importantly, since Average Joe will point to the 'free stuff' listings on Craigslist, a place to burn it).

2. Hotels. Ironman has expressed a liking for Palm Gardens ("Hotel, Lounge & Karate School") in Springville, but there are dozens of other places around.

3. Other Drake folks. Some of the locals have said they might be able to put folks up. RockyMtHigh might also have a hotel hookup.

To crib from Ramcatt:

All are welcome*

*unless you are a shithead/deadbeat/shit starter/in bad standing with people who have done this in past years/ have a holier than thou attitude... and that goes for lurkers that you want to bring along. This has been a fun weekend with no "real incidents," and it will stay that way.
We all fuck around, do "what we do", and have a good time... and if you or someone you bring infringes on that... you're fucked."

Let me know if you are coming, which nights, and where you're staying.
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By mitch aka 2 fish
31h 39m pertharoo-buffs
35h 27m return

5th-11th nov
$2009 ossie ducats with emirates (and dubai :bow )

that's a dollar for every two minutes of air rage, hey.

I think boot it. even though I check some/many of rammers boxes.
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By Ramcatt
I am 100% possible
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By fatman
in :smile
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By ironman
Heero[CntRmbrPwd] wrote: Sun Sep 29, 2019 10:25 pm Is this a chicken-friendly venue?

(How do you feel about bird shit on your floor?)
As long as it isn’t pig shit, and you are respectful to the Native Americans, cool.
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By flashback
Definitely in. No fish in the stream I fished yesterday, water low. Should improve as soon as we get rain.
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By Transylwader
I wants in sofaking bad but mum said NO
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By Ramcatt
mitch aka 2 fish wrote: Sun Sep 29, 2019 9:27 pm
I think boot it. even though I check some/many of rammers boxes.
you should come
then I can give you back the tweeds I stole from you like 5yrs ago
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