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By D-nymph
Smells funny. Did someone just piss on the walls?

Oh, hey Bully!
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By bullship
I think my photobucket account server must have been stored in the Teezers pisser, cause I’m unable to revisit that fine moment visually. Hope you guys have fun. Maybe I’ll make it up next year.
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By flashback
Must be getting to that time. Messaging coming in like crazy. Looking forward to seeing you guys again. Promise I won't take a deep dunk in the stream like last time, already took a header in the 70+ winds last weekend, ok now.
There are fish,
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By west_jay
Have fun you retards 🥃. I’ve expended triple my allotted leave for the year. Some bs about “performing on Contract.”
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By flashback
Good people here already, good guys caught fish, I heard one slab got caught (Glista?).
Weather cold, not fun in leaky waders. Friday will be even colder, debating between the big river and the really big river. Scully's should have some pics.
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By Ramcatt
It snowed... I went home
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By D-nymph
Fucking Glister, he probably fished for 15 minutes, caught a 12 lber, called it a day then spent the rest of the day drinking expensive beer & laughing.
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By flashback
Typical glista.
Looks like the boys are hammering them today, probably the best rustbelt bake yet.
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By Ramcatt
Hottest swinger
lots of boobers
100% possible for next year :coffee
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