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By FredA
Headed north a bit for the annual musky hunt.

So here's my take and some cell phone pics. This place has been lacking musky content of late... time to put some up.

We chose a big well known musky lake this year. Flychucker and I headed up early. The other two guys were coming in later from the cities and we'd meet at the rental. We stopped to fuel up properly for the day.
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Before making the final trek to the lake we stopped at a well known spot to use the facilities. Thank the lord for boat ramp shitters.
IMG_8684.jpg (149.09 KiB) Viewed 780 times
At the lake and on the water by 10.
IMG_8685.jpg (174.18 KiB) Viewed 780 times
It didn't take long and the action started. Stripping the fly in and the line went completely slack, as if I was no longer pulling a fly. A couple more quick strips and she came tight.
IMG_8694.jpg (149.52 KiB) Viewed 780 times
The day continued with constant action... fish everywhere. A great start to the trip.
IMG_8699.jpg (100.53 KiB) Viewed 780 times
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We headed out and got to camp just before dark. The other two were already prepping dinner. And a great one at that.
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Later we tore into Dan's Mom's Cookies. She made them and had them shipped to the rental just in time for our arrival. Score!
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The next couple days called for 15-20 sustained winds with 45 gusts. Luckily the big lake had lots of tucked away bays and islands to get out of the W. So we got to fishin...

Not even an hour into day two and SHE appeared out of nowhere. On my fly. I hit her hard and the shit show ensued as the boat drifted into a downed tree and she dove down in. Some wrestling her back and forth and as luck would have it she stayed on. Flychucker got her in the net on the first shot. A new personal best shared with a great friend.
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I was useless for a good 10 minutes... still reeling from that fish. From there on out I was on cruise control. Just shut up, steer the boat, and keep casting.

Flychucker was catching these guys left and right.
IMG_8758.jpg (120.03 KiB) Viewed 780 times
We fought the wind and enjoyed the snow. It was surreal. At times you could barely see. Looking into the black water with the snow falling heavy it was like driving at night in a snowstorm... disorienting at times.
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The remainder of the trip was a grind. Some pike and dink musky were caught. We continued to eat well.
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It kept snowing. And blowing.
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Fuck yeah what a trip.
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Cheers fellas.
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By fatman
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By McH

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By RaZ
ahh slack line eats! always a wtf moment before you realize whats going on. well done as usual fred et al. sticking at it through the snow. my musky season starts in a few days.
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By Lando
FredA wrote: Tue Oct 15, 2019 9:48 pm

The remainder of the trip was a grind.

Just keep casting......
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By Mad_Mike
That was nice... though as a southerner i'm confused... whats that white stuff coming from the sky in october... yall have a volcano go off up there or something??

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