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By Redchaser
Very nice. I really like the jacks.
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By stillsteamin
mitch aka 2 fish wrote: Mon Dec 16, 2019 9:33 pm stay out of my country's two dollar whore countries.
you don't see me wiping my ass with jamaica canada...

Great bonefish there. And the only time I've seen that kind of facial hair on a bonefisherman is when Willi posts up a Bahamas TR. Expert level. :bow
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By Lando
The shortest day of the year is within our reach.
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By mrl0004
I can only hope for something as good as this when I am an official half-centenarian. :cool
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By Ruddy Duck
The coolest thing about the Suk is that it exposes me to places and experiences that I know little to nothing about. I believe that this exposure has encouraged me to make trips and chase fish that I otherwise would not.

This TR is a classic example.

Gotta go google Christmas Island now. In reality, I'll likely never go there, but I may end up chasing bonefish somewhere.....
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