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By The Wandering Blues
CarelessEthiopian wrote: Fri Dec 27, 2019 10:41 am Some of us will be there Jan 14-15, including Bill Nye the science pots guy. Speaking of him, did you see latest issue of the FF Journal? Sheldon has hit the big time.
Take some time off the snow and come on down.
Man, I’d love to meet up with you guys then, but we’re heading down to the Gulf to warm up, eat seafood, and gtfo of the Burque for a while.0
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By fishpimp
Bump for anyone interested. 19 April we’ll drive down and fish thru 25th. Campers need to reserve spot soon is what I was told...
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By The Wandering Blues
***FYI*** NM State Parks have shut down til April 9th for the coronavirus mess. Hopefully, they don’t extend. That’s just for overnite camping. Day use is still good.

I’m planning on getting up for a day or more. I’ll see if I can hijack Bruiser from his day job.
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By fishpimp
7685FBDF-DCC1-4548-AEA0-072DFA15D810.jpeg (128.67 KiB) Viewed 3636 times
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By The Wandering Blues
For what it’s worth, the Juan is still open below the state park. There’s a lot of fish below, just not the quality you get used to upstream. Though, last season, a guide C&R’d an 11lb brown near town.

Depending on what runoff looks like, there’s other fishable water that’s visually amazing. You’ll just need to drop down to your 3wts and plan on doing some walking.
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By Lando
Are there pike in the reservoir above the stocked playground?
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By The Wandering Blues
Lando wrote: Mon Mar 23, 2020 10:54 am Are there pike in the reservoir above the stocked playground?
Yes to that. And Kokanee, along with several other game species. Hard part is Navajo Lake on the NM side is state park as well. Probably get on in CO.
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