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By BearsFan

Merry New Year!

Headed that way next week, staying near Highlands with friends of my lady. Expecting cloudy, cold, and raining. Have read a bit on the ff trail but have never been up there. Should I make my way East or is there anything closer to base? Happy to buy sammiches (or gas station chicken) and beer if anyone wants to show me around.

Thanks for any help!


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By fly-chucker
Merry Christmas!!! :cool
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By fatman
ain't that Waderfunk's territory?

thanks for payment :smile
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By Redchaser
Holy shit i want to be Rockin' Around that Christmas Tree. Sorry I can't help, but damn.
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By LA Fly Guy
fatman wrote: Mon Dec 30, 2019 1:29 pm ain't that Waderfunk's territory?

thanks for payment :smile

Agreed, payment was quite nice.

Tranny fishes that area as well.
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