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By LA Fly Guy
Sorry for your loss. Man, I hate a thief.

The worst part is like you said, everything is just going to get dumped or hocked somewhere as opposed to actually being used on the river. :vomit
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By Ruddy Duck
I can't even tell you the long list of crimes that came with living in NOLA. On top of that, my father ran a small pharmacy.

Break in's, cars broken into, cars stolen, garage's broken into, pharmacy robbed, dad held up at gunpoint, grandparents held up at gunpoint, home invasion.......

You get the picture.

Leaving that shithole for a nicer place has made all the difference.
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By Obie
Man that's tough. Fuckin' degenerates.

That's a handsome net with a helluva story, I made one of cherry and walnut cut off my grandfather's place before he died and don't want to think about how tore up I'd be if it was taken.

Here's hoping it somehow makes it back to you.
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By mitch aka 2 fish
330 million people.
but to be fair it's been months... is there more?
kill half. immediately.
and if not?

well go fuck yourselves. you cunts asked for it.

spoiler alert?

jfc. boogaloo already, start from west to east.
hands up everyone who disagrees...

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By Ginseng Sullivan
This definitely sucks and I'm sorry for your loss.

It brings to my mind thoughts of rage when I see my local PO sitting in the neighborhood watching a stop sign to make sure everyone comes to a complete stop, while everyone's shit gets robbed. Taking money from the good citizens for petty shit seems to be the main job of the small town PO these days. Driving to fishing yesterday we saw literally half a dozen cars pulled over for speeding or whatever by the State PO. Seems like most of what they do as well. Shits fucked for sure when the low hanging fruit is the only business. Stopping real crime is apparently beyond their abilities.

I know you used to be a cop. I'm obviously not a fan.
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By mitch aka 2 fish
imagine the uproar at half time?
that would've been what? the 80s?

seriously. you need to poison nearly everyone.


but no. seriously. it's your problem.
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By McH
That’s so fucked up WB, I can’t even imagine such a punch in the gut you’re feeling with the loss of Miss Nona.

So sorry Man.

If it helps any, for better or worse you have us assholes here to share this world with you.

So there’s that.
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By stillsteamin
People suck. Ive had to change a lot of habits since moving to Seattle. Even if it's nailed down the tweakers will pry it up. Only solace ive been able to find after getting shit ripped off is that its just stuff (ive been lucky to not lose anything sentimental) and that shitty people have to wake up tomorrow and go on living as shitty people, while I get to be me. Its not much, but its something.
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By TX.
Been there..I'm with ya.
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By flashback
I'm getting really tired of lowlifes leaving messages during holidays and weekends looking for OxyContin.
Don't prescribe the stuff, but they sure try. They will even make an appointment but then not show when they realize they can't score with me.
Big pharma can be blamed for some of this mess, but the FDA hasn't helped by banning some of the really effective non opioids. Haven't enjoyed attempted breakins to my office, no drugs within, one time even got useless script pads stolen, they're not usable in this state anymore.
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By The Wandering Blues
Thanks for the love. We put some distance between us and the city. Be down by Port Lavaca tomorrow, then the west end of Galveston Island for a month. The cooler’s full of beer, I have an uncracked bottle of sippin’ tequila, and enough Trader Joe’s cheeses to make it thru Spring... Things are looking up.
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