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Curtis got ripped off. You can read about it here. ... =1&t=66299

We can't replace Ms. Nona, but we can support a brother. One, I might add, who has put himself in harm's way for the public good.

It's simple. Do what you can. He's on vacation for a month, and it appears his forwarding address is not yet established. I've lived at the same place for twenty five years. I'll coordinate things from here.

Send what you can. Do so by Valentine's Day. I'll photograph everything and post it here for accountability's sake, and then I'll forward it to Curtis.

Curtis, your only role in this is to sit back, shut up, and let people do the right thing.

I'll jump start this:


Kelly Palmer
PO Box 59 (USPS shipping)
509 E. Grant Avenue (FedEx or UPS shipping)
Troy, MT 59935
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Fuckin' Drake :smile
I dont have much in the way of extra gear. Can I pass on some cash? I know that's really lazy, but it's the easiest thing I got.

Count me in. I'll get something in the mail.
This AM, I had my first cup of coffee to this thread. My eyes welled up as I said “sonofabitch...” Tami panicked for a second because my neighbor has been texting us every morning with a status check on our place (he got broken into over the weekend). I guess she’s gotten conditioned to getting bad news and was expecting the worst.

First and foremost, I’m humbled. Always have been by the innate decency of this band of miscreants. It’s hard for me to be on the receiving side of kindness when I’ve always been programmed to provide it. So, though it’s not necessary, I’ll simply say thank you.

My uncle already called and said he has a milled piece of Grandma’s black walnut for me. So we’ll be heading to Mississippi after decompressing here to visit. Miss Nona II...
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