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The gang from the wisco disco have bass flyties covered. :cool
It's time for the final push.

Two packages arrived this week. Both contained salty flies and a couple of spools of appropriate tippet. Other than that, it's been crickets.

If you've given, you know who you are and you're awesome.

If you've pledged to give and haven't yet delivered, your awesomeness is hanging in limbo.

If you've not given and would like to be awesome, let's put it in the mail so I can wrap this up by February 14th.

For your troubles.

Gentlemen, I just wanted to say, profoundly, thank you. When I posted about our “troubles,” it was really just a chance to vent to like minded souls. It never dawned on me that I might be on the receiving end of any kindness.

KP, I’m honored and touched that you would take the time to coordinate such decency from this dysfunctional band of miscreants. It means more than words can describe.

Whether or not someone helped out, it was the promise of such that really propelled me to the next day. You guys know- the collection of fly assorted gear obtained over a lifetime is a significant investment; one that’s more emotional than monetary. I figured over the next 2-3 years, I’d be able to replace the basic stuff. My old crew in Cali hooked me up (along with assistance from Teh Suk) to replace Miss Nona. That alone is amazing.

Tranny already sent me a sweet little Orvis reel with line. And Dunk hooked a brother up with a selection of Ritual Brewing craft brews (where I had my retirement party). And knowing that I might be able to hit the San Juan soon, thanks to you guys, is motivation enough.

So, our place is in escrow. A Hollywood lady is looking to use it and rent it out to similar types (we are, after all, Tamalewood here in New Mexico). Hopefully, we’ll be out of ABQ soon and all this unpleasantness will only be a lead in to “the guys on Teh Suk really saved me- not only on gear, but on faith in humanity.”

As BigGuy can testify to, my trailer is yours. If you’re in the New Mexico area and we have a house, we’ll leave a light on. If you need info or assistance on the local waters, I’m there (although Bruiser is really the dude you want). In other words, I’m in your debt.

Thank you, again,
KP, Curtis, et al...I've got a nice little package of beeg feesh flies I can send along this week. Sorry I'm late to the dance. I'll get 'em in the mail.
Yer Pal,
I offered a reel but never got a reply to my PM. If it’s still wanted shoot me an addy please.
Saw your response. Just needed an addy. Thanks for posting that, I’ll get it out this week.
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