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The Wandering Blues wrote: Mon Feb 24, 2020 7:05 pm You guys suck. And I’m blessed because of it.

PS- And Kevin, Pete will visit you this year, possible at the WiscoDisco.

fuck yea :Roll Eyes :Roll Eyes :Roll Eyes :Roll Eyes :Roll Eyes
I got an amazing package in the mail filled with goodness! My wife was watching me go through it saying she hadn’t seen that much excitement since Christmas’ when our son was little.

KP is putting together a spreadsheet of what came from whom so I can properly offer my regards. Until then, I just want thank you all for putting me back in the game, and then some.

And, we closed escrow yesterday so we’re out of the condo. We’re living in a little rental we have, which is supposed to close escrow Apr 2. Hoping to roll that into a place a bit further out and closer to the mountains. Just cooling our heels until then.


I just sent Curtis an e-mail with a spreadsheet of donations and also a paypal donation and expense reconciliation. I had two expenses that I paid out of the paypal donations, with the consent of the donors:

1) We sent money to the California fly fishing bulletin board guys who raised the lion's share of the money needed to build Ms. Nona II. We gave them what was needed to finish the job. Curtis is in direct contact with the organizer of that effort.

2) I used my credit card to cover the cost of the less-than-wholesale donation made by Richie Farino/District Angling and Ironman. Those guys hand-picked a box of goodies that filled the gaps in donations. This box will be sent out on Monday.

The spreadsheet is an itemized list of the donations that came in. I tried my level best to honor everybody's wishes as to whether they wanted to remain anonymous, wanted only Curtis to know who they were, or those who were cool with being publicly acknowledged for their gift. Most of you replied to my text messages, some of you didn't. Lastly, it appears that the mass banning may have fucked up some user accounts, as I can see MY text messages, but not those by the other persons (who I am assuming may still be banned?)

Anyway, if you do/do not get a thank you note and a promise of a foot massage from a grateful retired cop who was caught on film dancing in a pink shirt on a women's' talk show, it's probably my fault.

You all suck.
CarelessEthiopian wrote: Fri Feb 28, 2020 5:09 pm Just to be clear, the cash I sent is meant to be used for drugs and/or adult diapers, and nothing else. You're welcome.
Probably will be used in that order. Carry on.
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