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By gankadank
Tough day at work? Need a good read? There's this offering
One of these peckerwoods asked for a YP focused report and what do you start with? YP wearing YP
It's tough to share the special places and feats with a new mate or crew. You have some hearty womens. Kudos to you and your fellows, for setting them loose and getting out of their way

Thanks steamin' :cool
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By fatman
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By -G-
Finally got to read all this. That pic of bear thigh deep needs to get put on the wall. I love how damn pumped the wimmens get. Bishes love swingin for steelhead.

Bear; at work, status post 1 week in a wet steelhead jungle, and a 2 week covid quarantine——-
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By fishskibum
it aints often that the fact the old lady don't gots no desires to fish , and it aint like I don't offer, is sumthin I dislike or have a need for to change
but strong work sharing
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By Nemo
That was a damn fine and fishy TR right there. Well done.
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By Obie
That's good. I like that.
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quality control bump.

Read this a while ago and just came back to it for round two. Found myself fighting the urge to skip ahead a number of times. Edge of my seat type shit, to me thats the sign of a great tr.
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By pbrstreetgang
I am thankful for the bump. I missed this somehow - glad it came back up.

Fuck a virus
Dear Capt Dustin Huff

bump for Fred.... :smile

The return of Stolen Hours

Beautiful. Needs more kipper and IPA!

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