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Hey Girls- thought I would spread the good word about a new fishing show that is airing this Friday on Versus @ 9:30 Eastern Time. Should be a good one- I worked with the guys that produced it so watch it to make me look good (and if you have a Nielsen box please send me a PM for some free shit).

Here is the linky: Dollar Wise Fly

Rumor has it that one of our Drakians will be in the "How's Your Aspen" show. And you never know who else might show up on future shows-

possible savannah cameo.jpg
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First show looks like Conway is just pimpin' his guide business in S.D. Second show in Aspen...."A location known for it's high dollar shops and skiing is home to some of the best trout fishing in the Western United States. Conway Bowman shows audiences where these places are, (15 mins from town), and how to do a fantastic trip on a shoe string budget."

If there are GPS coordinates involved, Reef you gonna have some serious 'splanin to do. They better stay the hell out of my neighborhood.
Thanks guys for setting the Tivos- hope the show takes you to a happy place.
is this your homework nemo.jpg
is this your homework nemo.jpg (40.36 KiB) Viewed 3963 times

HFD- no worries. My (second) best friend is doing the show with Conway- and he read the same blurb that you quoted and started to get pissed (he took them to J. Park for access to show- but told them to shut the cameras down for the secret spots). But you can't get disenchanted when they show the greatness of Johnny McGuire's & Woody Creek Tavern.

Also- do all you fuckers have Nielsen boxes or can you just not read? If the former, then I can hook you up, if the latter- then I can send you some Drake visors. (Caveat= G&G and Shufisher- might need some help in this arena- check your PM's later because I just did not send them)
OK Reef, where's my visor! By the way...WTF up with your PR work here? The operative word I saw was "worked" you moved on and so did he. Another worthless show on verses is just that worthless. Right up there with Turd Bertha! I have not seen anything on that channel worth a flying F*&k. Bulls, soccer on ice skates, infomecials out the ass, a freak'n cooking show what up with that? Being down here I havn't even seen one of KT's new shows either. Don't know which channel its on...hopfully not the Outdoor Network cause we don't get that on Cumcast.

Savannah is looking pretty as ever, nice guns. Quit hogging her all to yourself. Hey BTW you need to send down a storage payment for that sick scooter of yours or I'll make a deposit in the cooler for your Ownership committee real soon. The only cure for the Shack Nasties is some time on the NaClH2o you know that. We slayed some prison permit (sheepshead) last week in East Matty...that got my blood boiling real good. As always, hope your family is doing good and you still suck!
Salmotrutta wrote:Is your mug gonna be on the TV Reef?
How's your buddy Huntley? His show blows without the old dude. Just sayin'. Who guided them on their salt show?
Edit cause I want some free stuff! Hook up?
Shufisher needs to come through for me- need to call him- could get some sweet Drake visors going.

Huntley is doing fine I guess considering he is a gay factory worker from the south. In Spain right now for another shoot- funny how that bald headed chicken fucker forgot to invite me on that one. Ronnie sucks by the way- he is dead to me. Glad he is off the show now. Better things to come- maybe Reef will replace that chicken dick.

Dude- no mug of mine will be on TV. I am way too fucking ugly- I am the sole reason why the Drake frowns upon grip and grins. but this guy will be-
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